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It was so rewarding to be accepted by this group of young people. I was blown away when they requested that I address mindfulness. I taught them some yoga techniques and they were just delighted and cooperative. What an amazing generation!

Developing My Distance Healing Protocol – The Cough

Gloria Kaye's energy drawing from her protocolMy client had a hacking cough that was definitely an attention-getter. As Gail caught her breath, I was remembering my experience with Barbara Ivanova. Since we were talking by phone, it was impossible to transmit energy in the way that Barbara had. Barbara used her eyes to send her energy to me, and I didn’t quite know how I was going to manage this given that I couldn’t look into Gail’s eyes. This is when I began to develop my psychic eye. I needed to see the source of this hacking cough.


The Russian Experience

Moscow Russia

Moscow, Russia

I felt compelled to go to Russia, and in the mid-eighties I traveled to Moscow and Leningrad. Part of my compulsion had to do with my Russian ancestry; all of my grandparents were born in Russia, and I wanted to find out more about my heritage. Having identified myself as a healer, I was particularly intrigued by the psychic research that was going on in Russia during that time.


Emergency Distance Healing


Big Sur CoastI received a telephone call from my dear friend, Patti. She and her husband were hiking in a remote area along the California Coast. They had been vacationing in the Big Sur area. It is extremely mountainous, and the drop-offs to the ocean can be very intimidating.

When Patti called, she was quite alarmed. She had sprained her foot badly, and being in a remote area her options were rather limited. Fortunately, she had cell phone reception. Patti was very aware of my Distance Healing abilities.


ARTHRITIS – You Don’t Have to Live With It!

hands with arthritisAs an Energy Healer, I have helped many people who have suffered from crippling arthritis. Harry Edwards, a well-known healer from England, stated that the heat from the healer is different than thermal heat and helps to disperse the calcium carbonate associated with arthritis.


I have always been a big basketball fan, and nearly 20 years ago I worked on Kenny Austin, a well-known NBA player. He lost his ability to jump because of arthritis in his foot. I was able to help him within a few short sessions and he then went on to resume his game. I was very grateful for that opportunity and after his recovery several of his teammates and I went to a Baptist church to give thanks for this miraculous recovery.

Kenny’s Testimonial:

“Never before now has anyone been able to help me with my feet, without the use of insoles. Gloria not only helped me, but also made the arthritis disappear! Because of Gloria, I’ll be able to move like never before. The arthritis is gone, the spurs and calcium deposits have dissolved, and I’m beginning to see the arches in my feet.”

I act as a conduit and allow the energy to run through me. I do not go into a trance nor do I prepare for the transference of energy. It is a natural phenomenon. The experience does not drain me. It fortifies me. I am delighted to have the opportunity to use my gift and help people experience a pain-free, fulfilling life.

My dear friend and tango teacher was diagnosed with arthritis when she was in her 20’s. She is a gifted dancer and was experiencing the crippling affects of arthritis. After working with her for several months she was pain-free. I’m not saying this will happen for everyone. I do my best and that is all that I can do.  That being said I would like to tell you about another individual who had arthritic knobs on her fingers. It was interfering with her ability to play guitar. She is a dedicated musician and so this was having a devastating effect on her. Believe it or not, in a 45-minute session the arthritic knobs on her fingers reduced so that there was hardly any evidence of the knobs.

I would like to introduce you to an exercise that may help you if you have arthritis in your hands.

Be patient and try this several times throughout the day.

I believe that the work that I do addresses things cellularly. It is a very rapid transformation. The cells are reorganized, regenerated, or disbursed. For more information please go directly to the Healing page on  my website and you will have a full explanation of this cellular activity. Specifically in the case of arthritis, unwanted cells are disbursed. In my opinion, there’s a kind of alchemy that occurs so that the unwanted cells are reabsorbed into the body with no toxic effects.

It is important to eliminate nightshade vegetables from your diet if you are trying to recover from arthritic conditions. Some of the nightshade vegetables include: white potatoes, eggplants, zucchinis, tomatoes, bell peppers, chilies, and cayenne peppers. Just give it a try for 10 days to two weeks and see if you have less pain.

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