Distance Healing

Developing My Distance Healing Protocol – The Cough

Gloria Kaye's energy drawing from her protocolMy client had a hacking cough that was definitely an attention-getter. As Gail caught her breath, I was remembering my experience with Barbara Ivanova. Since we were talking by phone, it was impossible to transmit energy in the way that Barbara had. Barbara used her eyes to send her energy to me, and I didn’t quite know how I was going to manage this given that I couldn’t look into Gail’s eyes. This is when I began to develop my psychic eye. I needed to see the source of this hacking cough.


The Russian Experience

Moscow Russia

Moscow, Russia

I felt compelled to go to Russia, and in the mid-eighties I traveled to Moscow and Leningrad. Part of my compulsion had to do with my Russian ancestry; all of my grandparents were born in Russia, and I wanted to find out more about my heritage. Having identified myself as a healer, I was particularly intrigued by the psychic research that was going on in Russia during that time.


Emergency Distance Healing


Big Sur CoastI received a telephone call from my dear friend, Patti. She and her husband were hiking in a remote area along the California Coast. They had been vacationing in the Big Sur area. It is extremely mountainous, and the drop-offs to the ocean can be very intimidating.

When Patti called, she was quite alarmed. She had sprained her foot badly, and being in a remote area her options were rather limited. Fortunately, she had cell phone reception. Patti was very aware of my Distance Healing abilities.


Eliminate Acute & Chronic Pain: Injuries & Sprains, Joint & Knee Pain, Arthritis & Bone Spurs, Migraines, Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Scoliosis, Digestive Disorders, Sinus Conditions, Anxiety & Depression, Female Health Issues

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