Radio Interviews

Dee Wallace

Dee is a well-known psychic, actress, and author whose radio show has national coverage. Many of you may recognize her for playing the role of the Mother in the movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial! Dee was requested by her guides to have me as a guest on her show; I was extremely honored, as she does not usually have guests. I volunteered to do live Distance Healings on the air. The callers who experienced my Distance Healing were amazed and benefited profoundly from the experience.

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Maxine Taylor

Using an entity called, we were able to do an audio-visual of the two of us. Maxine was in Atlanta, GA, and I was in my bedroom in Carpinteria, CA. The interview is also viewable on YouTube. It is an hour-long interview and covers many of the questions that I have answered in other interviews. If your time is limited, I would suggest starting with this interview.

Harry Johal

I was tickled to be interviewed by a radio personality from Singapore! Harry is an excellent interviewer, and our discussion is quite lively.

Ajayan Borys

This was one of the earlier interviews. He was a very insightful, sensitive interviewer.

Rochel Marie Lawson

This is a chat between two women. Since we both enjoy basketball – and my host was even more fanatical about the sport than I ever was – our conversation begins with my telling some healing basketball stories. I also go into great depth about the nature of my work and how things are affected cellularly. I make reference to Physician support, and my work with young children, cancer patients and others. It is a lively hour – if you feel like being entertained, please tune in!

Robert Sharpe

Robert gave me the opportunity to do a very complicated healing on-air. As a result of that conversation, I offered listeners various home remedies for conditions from sinuses to spider-bites.

Johnny Tan

Johnny and his show, “From my mamas kitchen” was an opportunity for me to give detailed information about my background. Johnny wanted to know all about me, including where I was born. It was a good conversation and the overlay of being in Mama’s Kitchen made it a particularly poignant show.




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