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Healing Tones for Planetary Stress

Healing Tones for Planetary Stress are inspired melodies which may bypass cognitive functioning.  Because of this unique feature, this Audio Book is excellent for easing the symptoms of depression, anxiety and insomnia.  These tones may directly affect the nervous system.

Healing Tones has been used for medical purposes and sanctioned by numerous physicians and other heath care practitioners. It has been used in medical research to reduce the stress of diabetic patients.

Many physicians have used this Audio personally, and have recommended it to their clients.  Here are their comments:

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Healing tones allows my active 10 year old son to get to sleep in an efficient and enjoyable manner.

Julie Taguchi, M.D.

This is a powerful Audio Book that puts me into a state of relaxation and peace. It promotes a deep, restful sleep that is conducive to healing.

Tim Tupper, D.C.

Healing Tones provides soothing melodies for my patients. It is particularly helpful for reducing insomnia.

Lauren Swerdloff, M.D.

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