Dr. Gloria Kaye

Animal Healing

Dr. Gloria Kaye works in close association with veterinarians. Her non-medical intervention helps create structural equilibrium, which may help to heal certain conditions. Her treatment is not meant to replace veterinary care. She has been called a quantum phenomenon.

Star, a successful patient.

Gloria works directly with vets also offers trainings for pet owners.

Animal Wellness Testimonials

I want to thank you for your support of Gloria Kaye and her work with animals. Simon is a 13 year old bird chasing, hole digging dog. Simon was diagnosed with Cancer in October of 2006. Doctors were unable to remove all of the tumor in his front leg. We were presented with the options of very costly radiation treatment in Los Angeles or Amputation. I just didn’t feel amputation was the answer and radiation was not an option. After a month of turmoil and searching for a way to help Simon, Gloria came into our lives. With Gloria’s help we have avoided amputating Simon’s leg. After his first session with Gloria, Simon spent the afternoon resting. The next day Simon was full of energy, running and digging on the beach. I was overwhelmed with joy. Simon continues to see Gloria and has shown no further sign of cancer. Thank you Gloria, for helping Simon to have the best quality of life! He is so thankful to have all fours.

– With love, Susan and Simon

Our dog, Rusty, was 12 years old when we discovered a hard lump growing from beside his anus.  The vet diagnosed it as a fast growing anal cancer, which could not be operated on.  Dr. Gloria Kaye came to our house and worked with Rusty just one time.  She instructed me to cover the tumor with a damp paper towel and hold my hand over the tumor, which was the size of a walnut in the shell.  In about ten minutes the tumor had shrunk in size to a small bony protrusion about the size of a small grape.  Gloria said that the tumor would grow back but its progress was slowed down.  Rusty lived for six more months, much longer than the doctor had predicted.  Also, the tumor grew straight out like a mini torpedo, instead of occluding his rectum, which would have been very painful.  He was able to eat and walk until he peacefully slipped away in my arms.  We are so grateful that our dear dog was able to live without pain for six months longer and to die peacefully.

– Sally Van Der Kar

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