Dr. Gloria Kaye


I have known Dr. Kaye for over 34 years.  I have personally experienced her healing, including healing for my dogs.
Recently, I have engaged Dr. Kaye’s remote healing services.  I was scheduled for a back operation and with her help, over a short period of time, and her recommended daily back exercises, I am able to avoid surgery.  No back issues now!
On another occasion, I had inflammation under a bridge in my mouth.  My face was swollen and I was not responding to pain medication.  Dr. Kaye was able to reduce the swelling within twenty minutes and I was pain free. 
I have referred several friends and family members to Dr. Kaye.  Recently, one friend had facial scarring from childhood acne.   Dr. Kaye treated her and made the scarring no longer visible.  My friend’s husband is no longer a skeptic of remote healing! 
I am a firm believer in Dr. Gloria Kaye’s amazing remote healing skills.

-Diana Bull


Dr. Gloria Kaye uses a unique system to reduce pain and injury. An hour-long session consists of a light pressure to various areas of distress and imbalance. Clients may experience a sensation of heat, cold, tingling and a deep sense of relaxation. These non-invasive treatments are effective yet benign. There are no unpleasant side effects and most clients experience positive benefits after just one session. The treatment lends itself to a wide range of complaints. Distance Healing and In-Person Treatments are available.

As the energy is transmitted, cells may respond in one of three or more of the following ways:

  • Dispersal — Unwanted cells may be dispersed. The intervention lends itself to numerous conditions such as: dispersal of arthritis, adhesions, infections, and bone spurs.
  • Reorganization — Traumas and injuries are frequently reduced as skeletal changes create physical balance. Pain associated with physical imbalances may be resolved.
  • Regeneration — As new cells are regenerated, wounds, incisions, open sores and infections can frequently be affected.

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Distance Healing

I was first introduced to the concept of Distance Healing 30 years ago. I was visiting Moscow and met Barbara Ivanova, a gifted healer. She was concerned that our conversation could be overheard and so we walked the streets of Moscow where we were able to speak freely. When she was satisfied that we were not being overheard or followed, we entered a coffee shop to talk. She asked me to look into her eyes and I was mesmerized by the energy that passed between us.

Since that time I have developed a protocol for Distance Healing. When an individual asks for help and describes health related issues I immediately get an impression of how I can assist an individual. I see the individual’s difficulties in my mind’s eye. I will draw an impression of what I am seeing. The drawings are very primitive, but accurate. Even though the individual describes their distresses, the drawings give me additional information. Usually 3 – 5 drawings are required, and I draw them as if I were doing automatic writing.

For instance, a man described irregularity in his heart, and when I drew my sketch I saw that his head was filled with distrust and worry. Before I could deal with his heart palpitations, we needed to talk about the emotional component of his distress. As we talked, I energetically worked on the imbalances in his head and neck. This needed to be addressed before I could go to his main area of distress.

I use a pendulum to make changes in energy fields. Once I have completed a drawing, I follow my intuition about where the energetic imbalances exist. I place X’s over these areas and hold the pendulum over the X’s. When the area is clearing, the pendulum will move in the counterclockwise direction; when the body is cleared to receive the energy, the pendulum changes direction and moves in a clockwise direction. When healing is complete, the pendulum moves vigorously in a clockwise direction.

The other option for Distance Healing is to send energy using the image that I see in my mind’s eye. I use a similar technique and address each area in question. Most sessions last close to an hour and as the energy fields are renewed and rebalanced most symptoms resolve.

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In-Person Treatments

Strategic Placement of Dr. Kaye’s hands enhances treatment

Hand placement stimulates release of muscle in shoulder and neck
Light pressure creates openness in painful areas
Inflammation rapidly subsides during treatment

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