Dr. Gloria Kaye

The Russian Experience

Moscow Russia
Moscow, Russia

I felt compelled to go to Russia, and in the mid-eighties I traveled to Moscow and Leningrad. Part of my compulsion had to do with my Russian ancestry; all of my grandparents were born in Russia, and I wanted to find out more about my heritage. Having identified myself as a healer, I was particularly intrigued by the psychic research that was going on in Russia during that time.

Through an underground source, I learned about Barbara Ivonova. She was a very famous Russian healer and was willing to meet with me. Barbara was exceedingly cautious, and appeared frightened. She refused to have a conversation with me unless we walked the perimeter of the in-tourist hotel where I was staying. I later discovered that Barbara’s insistence on being cautious was well founded; when I returned to my hotel room, I found it had been ransacked. The only thing that had been left untouched was a micro-cassette recorder. Apparently, the KBG overlooked this unfamiliar device.

We eventually found a restaurant, where we drank watered down coffee. As she gazed into my eyes, Barbara said to me, “I want to show you something. I am sending you energy.”  This was my first experience of Distance Healing.

My time with Barbara was profound and it changed my life. I didn’t immediately experiment with Distance Healing.  However, it was soon after this that a client called who had severe flu-like symptoms. She said, “You have to heal me!” It was then that my new-found technique was born.

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