Dr. Gloria Kaye

Developing My Distance Healing Protocol – The Cough

Gloria Kaye's energy drawing from her protocolMy client had a hacking cough that was definitely an attention-getter. As Gail caught her breath, I was remembering my experience with Barbara Ivanova. Since we were talking by phone, it was impossible to transmit energy in the way that Barbara had. Barbara used her eyes to send her energy to me, and I didn’t quite know how I was going to manage this given that I couldn’t look into Gail’s eyes. This is when I began to develop my psychic eye. I needed to see the source of this hacking cough.

I saw Gail’s illness in its entirety. Her limbs were aching, and she was not clear-headed. I discovered that I could put my psychic impressions to paper, which is exactly what I did. To this day, I frequently use this same technique. My drawings are very primitive, and they’re done almost as if I were doing automatic handwriting. I don’t think about my process, but rather let the pencil guide me. Once the drawing is completed, I mark with an X the areas of the body that need special attention. I usually do a series of drawings. I found that I could transmit energy to these distressed areas by using a pendulum. When I hang the pendulum over an area that is marked with an X, the pendulum will move in a counter-clockwise direction. When the area is cleared, and ready to receive energy, it will move in a clockwise direction. I go over each area until the pendulum is continuously moving in a clock-wise direction. To see a visual of my process, you may view this video.

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