Dr. Gloria Kaye

Montecito Journal, 13-20 Nov 2014

Patti Teel catches up with The Montecito Healer, Dr. Gloria Kaye, reflects on her progress over the past decade, and gets a handle on healing.

The Montecito Healer Revisited

Nearly 10 years ago the Montecito Journal did a front page feature article titled, “The Montecito Healer.”  Over the years, Dr. Gloria Kaye, The Montecito Healer, has treated many Montecito residents and enjoyed new friendships in the process.  She said, “Some of you have made me part of your family.  I am touched and honored by the warmth and confidence you have shown me.”

Over the past 10 years, Gloria says she has honed her gift as a healer.  To most people, the process still remains a bit mysterious, though scientists have produced images of the energy emanating from Gloria’s hands.  The images were created using infrared equipment, and in the images you can actually see the energy being transferred to the affected area.  If this piques your interest, please refer to her website:www.drgloriakaye.com and click on “Science of Healing.”

Below, Gloria answers the questions she is most frequently asked:

How have things in the field of healing changed over the last 10 years?

Healing has become a familiar modality for many Americans.  In Central and South America, as well as in other Latino Cultures, healers are part of a tradition.  In many instances, they are revered and sought after.  The healer is most commonly the first person consulted in times of sickness and strife.  If the situation does not resolve, then a physician is consulted.  

In America, the reverse is true: physicians are first consulted, and if there is not a satisfactory resolution, then a healer may be consulted.  In the U.S., there are many categories of healing.  Acupressure, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, massage, aromatherapy, etc., are all considered healing modalities.  In a category by itself is hands-on-healing.  This stand-alone modality offers a unique approach to resolving physical complaints.  The body is assessed for structural imbalances and energetic imbalances.  The area of distress usually has an energetic deficit, and the healer helps to create a homeostasis by correcting it.  Hands-on-healing is an ancient tradition that has rapidly become a sought after intervention.

Can anybody learn to be an energy healer?

Individuals who have a keen interest in energy work usually have a propensity for healing.  It is not difficult to learn to bring energy to your hands.  Many individuals are able to do this without instruction.  When a child is hurt and the parent instinctively rubs the area that has been injured, an energy is transferred to the child.

However, in less obvious situations, one needs to learn about hand placement for the most effective outcome.  The hands are not usually placed on the distressed area.  For instance, a sore throat can most effectively be treated by placing hands on the back of the neck. Intuitively, one needs to find the area on the neck that corresponds to the sore throat.

In the case of a knee injury, the inside of the thigh is frequently disturbed.  If the practitioner only touched the knee, it is unlikely that a full resolution will be possible.
The question often comes up as to “How much can you teach?”  As I have said, it is not difficult to bring energy to the hands; the difficult task is to train individuals to have increased intuition as to the most effective hand placement.  

When would someone go to an energy healer?

Individuals seek the help of a healer at different stages of recovery.  Some clients will see a healer before and after a surgery.  The healing energy transmitted by a healer usually reduces the trauma of surgery and promotes a more rapid recovery.

Mothers with young children may consult a healer if they are determined to treat their children naturally.  Others will consult a healer when several courses of antibiotics have not been effective.

There is also a group of individuals who have exhausted all possibilities in their search for optimal health.  More than one client has looked at me with desperate, sad eyes and said, “You’re my last hope.” Of course, treating these clients is a huge responsibility, and I am aware that I do the best I can with everyone who walks through my office door. 

The truth of the matter is that I am able to help [more than] 90 percent of individuals who I treat.  Some have full resolutions in a session or two, while others choose to address transformational issues which may take several months.

It is a very pleasurable experience for me when an individual is no longer in pain. Frequently, after a session, a person will make movements that prior to the session would have caused them pain; they are delighted to find that they can now function without pain.

Is this Reiki?

The system of hands-on-healing that I have honed is different from a Reiki treatment.  It is true that both systems use an energy to create change.  The uniqueness of this hands-on-healing system has to do with the placement of the hands.

In this system, correcting skeletal imbalances are a key to a successful healing.  The structure of the body usually reflects areas of deficit and over-energy.  By energetically releasing the muscles and ligaments that are holding the body in a skewed manner, energy is able to flow more easily.  As a result, deficits and areas of over energy are corrected. Another difference is the fact that I work with an inherited gift.  My great aunt Katie was a healer in Kiev, Russia.  The townspeople would go to Katie with their woes, and she would make them feel better.  I was named after Katie, and yet I had no idea that I was a healer until I was well into my 20s.  I just always knew what to do with people and their complaints.  I thought that everyone also knew what to do.  Of course, this wasn’t the case.

However, in retrospect, my earliest recollection of a healing occurred when I was a teenager.  I was sitting with a friend who was very distressed.  I remember watching her face come into balance as I looked at her.  I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but many years later I realized that this was a significant event. 

Do you have to believe in healing for it to work?

No, one does not have to be a believer.  An 18-hand horse doesn’t believe or disbelieve.  It just works.  The energy is transmitted to the horse; the horse then relaxes, and most frequently the eyelids flutter and then close.  The horse is so relaxed that it becomes necessary for the horse to brace against falling.  There is the evidence that energy is being transmitted.

The energy does the work.  My job is to assess the imbalances and find the point of correction. Discovering the point of correction can amount to an intuitive road map.  A client was having pain on the left side of her neck.  I placed my hand on the right side of her neck and her left clavicle.  There was no real rhyme or reason for this, but working intuitively this was a correct choice.  Her pain dissipated.

Gloria Kaye and her 18-hand horse client.

Arthritic conditions respond beautifully to this system.  A well-known English healer, Harry Edwards, reasoned that the heat from a healer is different from thermal heat, and the healer therefore is able to disperse the calcium carbonate associated with arthritis.
Do the results of energy healing last?

Some individuals show up in my office and expect miracles.  Some situations do in fact resolve in a single session, while other situations require multiple treatments.  The treatments last given certain conditions.  If a client repeatedly does the same action that is causing stress, it is not likely that the effects will last.  On the other hand, if this repeated action is interrupted, the results will most likely last.

In the case of chronic conditions, it is frequently necessary to have multiple sessions.  This will allow the body to be re-educated. If there is a re-injury to the treated area, then additional sessions will be required.  Since the body has experienced the work, a shorter time, in some cases 20 minutes, is all that is required to address the re-injury. 

Years ago, my mother and I attended a yoga class that Gloria was conducting. My mother was visiting from Nebraska. Jokingly, Gloria asked me if she thought my mother would like a genuine California experience.  I said, “Sure” and reminded my mom about the pain in her hip.  She had helped me move some boxes when I was moving into my college dorm. She injured herself doing so, and that was 18 years prior to this incident. At any rate, Gloria worked on my mom’s hip for just a few minutes and it never hurt her again for the rest of her life!

Can energy healing help with serious health issues and multiple complaints?

Many times, serious chronic health issues respond to energetic interventions.  It is not unusual for multiple complaints to be associated with chronic conditions.  Oftentimes the body compensates for these chronic situations.  For instance, back pain that does not resolve can affect posture, causing rounded shoulders and lethargy.  Once the back pain is relieved, postural alignment is restored and a sense of well-being and lightness can be present.

Gastrointestinal complaints frequently respond to the relation effect accompanying a session.  You can imagine the sense of relief one experiences when uncomfortable and distressful symptoms resolve. 

Over the years, I have worked with many basketball players.  One 6-foot-9 well-known center was plagued with chronic gastric distress.  Within three sessions, his chronic condition was resolved, and he had a whole new lease on life.  He had tried many different modalities, none of which were successful.  Fortunately, energetic healing worked for him. In another instance, a stubborn patch of arthritis in the foot prevented this player from jumping.  It is hard to be a successful basketball player if you cannot jump for a ball.  This limitation also caused back pain.  When the foot issue resolved, the back also corrected.  There is no magic to this; it is merely a matter of mechanics and energy doing its job.

In this article, Gloria answers the questions she is asked most frequently. If you have any other issues or questions, she invited you to e-mail her at drgloriakaye@aol.com.
Her new book, Healer’s Hands, Healer’s Heart, will be out by the end of the year.  Laren Bright has reviewed the book’s content and had this say: 

“If you have any doubts about energetic healing, this book will dispel them. Filled with fascinating true accounts many documented by medical doctors, it is a testament to the limitless possibilities of this healing method.  Yet you receive much more than just stories of the wonderful successes achieved by Gloria Kaye. Healer’s Hands, Healer’s Heart also shares techniques for healing others, including approaches for working with a partner or spouse. It reveals valuable health practices and home remedies, including practical tips for using supplements and homeopathic remedies.”

Kaye received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1983.  She has more than 35 years of experience in the field of health care.  Her long-standing interest and professional mission has been to interface with the medical community.  She works with physicians and other health care professionals in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles, California.  She has seen patients at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and has a busy practice in Santa Barbara.  Gloria has been a government researcher, author of numerous articles, and has worked extensively in Europe and Central America.

Patti Teel is the community representative for Senior Helpers, providers of care and comfort at a moment’s notice. She is also host of the Senior Helpers online video show.www.santabarbaraseniors.com. E-mail: patti@pattiteel.com

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