Dr. Gloria Kaye

Emergency Distance Healing


Big Sur CoastI received a telephone call from my dear friend, Patti. She and her husband were hiking in a remote area along the California Coast. They had been vacationing in the Big Sur area. It is extremely mountainous, and the drop-offs to the ocean can be very intimidating.

When Patti called, she was quite alarmed. She had sprained her foot badly, and being in a remote area her options were rather limited. Fortunately, she had cell phone reception. Patti was very aware of my Distance Healing abilities.

Part of my gift allows me to “see” irregularities in the body; this can include recent injuries, lingering trauma, and an entire body scan.

When I “looked in” and saw Patti’s distress, I too was slightly alarmed. She had in fact sprained her foot badly. I instructed her to find a comfortable place to rest and I got busy. I infused her foot with energy, and her entire body with energy. Within twenty minutes, I asked Patti to test the stability of her foot. She had improved, but it was far from perfect. I continued to work on her, and we repeated the test several times. It was a great relief to me, and Patti, when she was finally able to place her weight fully on her foot again.

She carefully descended the mountainous area, had a stiff drink, and found a suitable memento to bring back to me. It was a stone carving of a hand, and to this day I treasure it.

If you find this intriguing, please do not hesitate to call me at (805) 701-0363. 

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